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Good employee communications lie at the heart of every successful organisation. This is something AstraZeneca understand, and have worked closely with Parker Design Consultants on for many years to ensure its employee communications are engaging and informative.



Large multinational organisations such as AstraZeneca are constantly evolving and transforming. When the Information Services (IS) function underwent a period of transformation, Parker Design were employed to design a comprehensive suite of employee communications brochures, setting out the new strategy.



As part of a wider employee communications campaign, we designed these employee brochures to a handy A5 size, making them easy to handle and not take up too much desk space. Working closely within the AstraZeneca brand guidelines, we designed the covers to be bold, friendly and professional utilising a combination of photography, clean typography and block colour. The page layouts were easy to follow, using an uncluttered two column grid and the text broken up with graphics and photography.

作为一场更广泛的员工通讯整改的一部分,画册设计公司设计了A5大小的员工手册。这样就很容易拿起来,也不会占用太多办公桌位置。为了和AstraZeneca 品牌指南保持呼应,我们把封面的字体设计得很大,界面也很友好。同时也将图片,干净的排版和大块的颜色专业地结合起来。页面的布局也非常容易阅读。使用了两排整洁的柱型网格,文本用图表和图片以间隔。


The employee communications were printed onto a crisp white silk stock to ensure maximum clarity and strength of colour. To assist with global dissemination of the message we also created electronic versions of all the employee communications which could be emailed, or hosted on AstraZeneca’s intranet.





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